How to Choose a Painting Tool

How to Choose a Painting Tool

You like painting? Or just going to learn to paint? Do you know how to choose a good painting tool? Here we will explain:

– Palette

Basically, the pallets are all pretty much the same. But choose a palette that is not too in the hole for easy to mix colours with other colours, not too flat too. Choose a slippery palette for oil paint does not sink in, even if the pallet is made of wood, choose a coated lubricant.

– Canvas

Choose a canvas that is not too big and small pore, look at the back surface of the canvas, and choose a perfectly enclosed canvas by a white coat of paint on the canvas and the paint layer is not easy to crack.

– Paint

Definition of good paint is a paint that has a brilliant colour, strong, not easy to dry even if stored in a long time with a note in a closed condition. The expensive paint usually is a good paint. But not necessarily expensive, if you have your brand of trust also please to keep wearing it.