Tips on Choosing a Paintbrush

Painting is a fun activity when we paint we can forget the time. Moreover, the object we are painting is an object that we love. Of course, if we painted supported with good equipment and materials will produce the maximum painting. All artists have their own standards in selecting tools and materials for painting. Here are tips for choosing a good paint brush.

Choose a brush with soft fur, do not be too stiff and also not too soft and that must be straight. Pay attention to the texture of the fur, try to choose a brush that the length of the coat is equal and unbranched. To check the straightness of the bristles can be by the way the right-hand holds the tip of the feather and the left hand holding the base of the feather then turn slowly, if the feather back straight then it’s a good brush sign. A good brush is usually if dipped in the paint the tip will collect and when it has been scrawled into the canvas and it still there when you lift the brush.

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