Tips on Choosing a Wall Painting

Choose a painting that matches the colour of the wall. Do not choose paintings that hit the colour, such as the colour of bright orange walls with bright red painting, the walls will look too crowded and festive. It is better to choose the colour of the painting is still similar but not too bright, for example from the yellow old soft orange gradation. Or choose a painting that contains a little element of wall colour.

Do not mix the wall with the same colour painting.
Remember “matching” does not mean the same. A light green wall with a mostly light green coloured painting will make the room look flat. Good matching with any colour painting other than light green. But to make the impression matching with the wall simply choose paintings that have accessories or small ornaments that have a light green colour. But if you really want a painting that has the same majority colour to try to find paintings that have a lot of green gradation (from light green, dark green, Tosca, and so forth).

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