Learn the Basics of Watercolour Painting

Learn how to mix the colour for painting. Pick one paint colour and pour a few drops into the container to mix. Dip a brush in the water and into the paint you have prepared. If you use additional colours, create two colour solutions in two different containers. Be sure to wash the brush when changing colours.

Do not use too much water. Start by using a little water, and add in small amounts. Strengthening the colour by adding paint will be more difficult than thinning the colour by adding a little water. Fill the palette with different colours to use. Pour a bit of colour to be used on the pallet basins.

Watercolour is unique because it can be mixed and form a colour layer appropriately. After trying several times, you will be surprised at the results. I actually have a friend that works for a junk removal company in Vancouver that is brilliant at this type of painting. I often tell him to sell his junk company and become an artist! Once dry, the colour of watercolour painting will usually fade rather than when still wet. Consider this when you want to darken or brighten up the colour.

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